Use Banner.
Keep visitors in the loop.

Banner is a widget you can install anywhere on your website, and
deliver quick and important updates about your visitor or your business.

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Custom colors

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One-click embed

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Conditional logic

company logo company logo company logo company logo company logo

In your own image.

answerly banner personalize example
You can make the Banner Widget feel like it's part of your website or dashboard.
Banner Widget has many personalization features you can use that will make it feel like home when it shows up on your website.
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Different modes

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Position in page

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Text alignment

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Layout settings

Use your imagination.
Try Color Studio.

answerly banner colorstudio example
With Color Studio, you can paint any element of the Banner Widget to your heart's content.
Keep your visitor up to date, and do so in the colors of your website.
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Background color

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Text color

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Color suggestions

The best fonts.
At your fingertips.

answerly banner font studio example
You can use any font or change any font size.
Inside the Answerly dashboard, you have a list of 200+ top famous fonts to choose from. You can choose the font sizes as well.
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200 fonts

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Font suggestions

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Font sizes

Go dynamic.
Use variables.

answerly banner dynamic content example
Banner Widget supports dynamic content through variables.
Inside the Banner Widget, you can use any variable from your website to create a very personalized and dynamic message.
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Customer name

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Logged in user

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Plan type

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Much more

Different visitors.
Different banners.

answerly banner condition example
Target visitors with variables from your website.
With variables from your website, you can add conditions, so the Banner Widget shows only to specific visitors or customers.
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Easy to setup

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Tutorial provided

Help better
with Reports & Data.

answerly banner condition example
In the Answerly Dashboard you can see Banner Widget performance data in graphs and tables.
Figure out how people are using your Banner Widgets so you can tune them for a more effective outcome.
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Daily clicks in CTA

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Interaction data

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Performance data

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