4 honest tips for responding to negative customer feedback

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customer success 25/10/2021

When you receive negative feedback, you have a great chance to turn an unhappy customer into a passionate advocate for your software.

If someone took the time to give you negative feedback, it means that they care about what you're doing, they had an expectation, and that you didn't meet that expectation.

If you acknowledge the customer, have a clear plan of action, and do what you say you're going to do when you do it, you have a much better chance of consistent and positive interaction.

1) Always respond

It's valuable for every company to have people willing to give feedback and engage, so don't waste the chance.

When you receive negative feedback from a customer, you should always respond.

Whether by email, chat, a review platform, or any other way, make sure you never ignore an unhappy customer.

The response can be as simple as a thank you message and an apology.

example being there for the customer answerly

2) Agree with them

Agreeing and validating the customer's opinion is a simple but powerful communication tool to ensure that you can positively influence the encounter.

example agreeing with a customer through email answerly

Consider the alternative where you disagree with a customer and retaliate; you increase the matter and risk losing the customer.

It would help if you asked for more information about their problem and figured out what the outcome could do to add value for them; you can get valuable information.

3) Don't be snarky

The internet is a very open place where anyone can find anything.

Keep in mind that anything you say today can become a part of the public record.

Anything you say to the customer now could be the center of the internet's conversation about your company tomorrow.

Sometimes, we all make mistakes, but you should never say something online that you wouldn't want the world to see.

4) Bad can be good

Even if someone disagrees or doesn't like your product, you can still make a great impression.

People like being respected, listened to, and taken seriously.

This interaction may seem like a small thing, but thousands of small interactions like this are what your reputation is made of.

Be thankful that someone wants to engage with you, and don't squander the chance to make a good impression.

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