CMS and an Answer Editor.
Inspired by you.

With our CMS, you can drag answers inside categories, create subcategories,
change the order of answers, and much more. And an answer editor
that supports multiple text styles and dynamic elements.

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Dynamic content

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Dynamic Blocks.

We offer lots of dynamic elements that you can add to your answers.
Your answers don't have to be just basic text. In our Answer Editor, you can have a variety of blocks to choose from.
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Code blocks

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Text Styles.

Our Answer Editor features multiple text styles to make your Answers more effective.
Create the perfect reading experience and go straight to the point by using our text styling features in the Answer Editor.
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User Feedback.

Our platform supports rating system for your answers, that also asks readers to write feedback.
Readers can rate your answers between "Helpful", "Unhelpful" and "Neutral" as well as write feedback that you can read inside the Answerly Dashboard.
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