The widget is dynamic and shows live examples as you browse features


We want our helpdesk widget to be part of your brand, to feel yours. As such we have designed it so it can be customizable and extend your already established website.

Use the range below to instantly see just how unique the helpdesk widget can get with different brand types:

Instant Search Results

Customers need help, and they need it fast. At answerly, we believe spinners and loading screens are a thing of the past decade.

The Answerly helpdesk widget comes with a powerful search engine that gives instant answers as you type. Try searching yourself or click the button below for an example.

Contact Page

When customers can't find the help they're looking for, they can resort to e-mailing you directly from the helpdesk widget's contact page.

E-mails received from the widget will end up in your e-mail address inbox. Read more about our e-mail services.

You can customize many elements in the contact page:

  • Support team pictures
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Send Button text

Start Page

Give your customeres the information they're looking for right when they open the helpdesk widget.

The startpage is built around components which you can add and edit in the Answerly dashboard.

The start-page supports these components:

  • Answer
  • Category
  • Invite to Contact
  • Banners
  • Answer Explorer
  • Vertical Gaps


* marked with blue for clarity

Banners are a Start-Page component for the Widget, useful for sharing an update or a call-to-action to customers.

Make the Widget helpful and informational for your customers by easily creating and updating banners in the Answerly Dashboard..


Use widget reports and analytics in the Answerly dashboard and create the perfect self-service for your business.

We support various reports:

  • Answer Ratings
  • Daily Search Count
  • Top Searched Queries
  • Search Queries with High CTR
  • Search Queries with Low CTR