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Helpdesk is a widget you can install anywhere in your website.
It allows your customers to search from your knowledge base, contact you, and much more.

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Custom Domain

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Be authentic by adding your logo.
Customers will feel pleased to use the Helpdesk widget when they know it comes from you. Make use of our many personalization features.
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Custom Logos

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Custom Icon

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Custom Start page

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Color Studio.

Customize it so much it turns into Dark Mode.
With Color Studio, you can paint all of Helpdesk Widget however you want, so it best fits the design and colors of your company.
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Background colors

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Text colors

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Button colors

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Everything else

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Instant Search Results.

Helpdesk automatically integrates with your Knowledge Base.
You can search through all of your Knowledge Base from Helpdesk and read answers immediately‚ÄĒwithout waiting for anything to load.
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Search titles

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Search content

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Instant results

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Rich & Clear answers.

Answers will look the same in the Helpdesk as in your Knowledge Base.
Helpdesk supports the same text styling, dynamic elements other functionality for answers as the Knowledge Base.
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Text styling

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Dynamic elements

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Rate answers

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Answer info

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Start-page Editor.

Start-page is the first page that appears when you open the widget.

Inside the Answerly Dashboard, you have an editor which allows you to drag and drop components to create a custom start-page for your helpdesk widget.

We have lots of components:

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What's New

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Stay in touch

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And many more

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Contact Form.

Helpdesk has a contact form that you can customize.
It allows your customers to reach out and send you messages which you can read and respond to inside the Answerly Dashboard.
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Customize Headline

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Upload Team pictures

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Edit Response time

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Customize Button Text

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Reports & Data.

In the Answerly Dashboard you can see Helpdesk usage data in pretty graphs.
Figure out how people are using the Helpdesk Widget so you can tune in your answers to help people even better.
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Searches Per Day

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Top Search Queries

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Query CTR

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Answer Ratings

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