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Notify is an easy-to-use, lightweight notification/banner widget for websites that enables delivering important messages to your customers wherever they are in your website.

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Custom colors

Notify is customizable by design. Use Notify to deliver your message just right by customizing the colors and making them fit beautifully with your web pages.

Which colors you can customize:

Top or Bottom

Notify can appear from different positions on your website. You can change positions in a single click inside the Answerly dashboard without updating your website's code.

Supported positions:

Rich Text

Create a dynamic message that takes the attention of your visitors by using rich text effects in your Notify widgets. Add author pictures as well.

Text effects:

Multiple widgets

Keep your customers up to date with more than one thing at once. Share status updates about your services or a reason why their orders are late.

Notify widgets will work well and won't visually interrupt each other.

Notify editor

Create and edit Notify widgets easily from the Answerly dashboard.

Test all the features and see it live inside the Editor without publishing anything to the open web.

Instant embed

You can embed or add Notify widgets to your website using our Instant Embed feature, which allows you to show or hide any of our widgets in any or all of your web pages at once.

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Notify widget is absolutely free to use! Don't let your support tickets pile up with the same questions. Start notifying your visitors now!

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