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December, 2022
Livechat for Helpdesk Widget
Chat with customers through our helpdesk widget

More details regarding features will show here in the future.

December, 2022
Collaboration features
A way to use the dashboard together

Write answers, create categories, re-design the widgets or chat with customers together with your colleagues.

More details regarding features will show here in the future.

October, 2022
Major Feature: Commands

More info will be shown here a few weeks before release.

October, 2022
Major Feature: What's New

More info will be shown here a few weeks before release.

September, 2022
Major Feature: Notifications

More info will be shown here a few weeks before release.

August, 2022
Major Feature: FAQ Widget

More info will be shown here a few weeks before release.

June, 2022
Clarify for Helpdesk Widget

More info will be shown here a few weeks before release.

May, 2022
Knowledge Base PWA Support
Including offline capabilities

This new feature will turn your knowledge base into a PWA which then will allow opening it even without having an internet connection -- assuming it has been opened before at least once.

You will have the ability to deliver your knowledge base from other sources as well, such as listing it as an app in the Play Store.

May, 2022
Translate all products & widgets
30+ languages

A locale setting that allows you to pick a default language for the widgets or the knowledge base platform.

Feature was launched in March, 2022

March, 2022
Knowledge Base Templates
3-5 new templates

New templates for the knowledge base platform set to reflect on UX and design trends of 2022.

January, 2022
Launch on PitchGround
New lifetime deals on pitchground, set to launch at 17th January
December, 2021
Palette suggestions
Suggested colors for widgets

Hand-picked colors by our designers to make all of our widgets and the knowledge base beautiful.

Palete suggestions will be an interactive component that will sit in the Color Studio sub page.

November, 2021
Color Studio
Change all colors of all widgets

A group of features for all of our widgets. It allows to change colors to the point where you can make our widgets fit dark mode and light mode.

October, 2021
Contact Page for the Knowledge Base
A page to send messages to your answerly inbox

A new feature that creates a "Contact Page" with the knowledge base design and template.

Contact page will have many customization features -- including, custom greeting text, support team pictures etc.

August, 2021
Widget Mode for the Knowledge Base
Embed the knowledge base as a widget

Our knowledge base designs look very nice on small screens. This gave birth to the idea that they could be embedded in websites as widgets.

Widget mode would have multiple customization settings, including position (left, right) and widget type (slide, float).

September, 2021
Instant Embed
A new, intuitive way to embed our widgets

Currently, our widgets can be embedded by copying the code from the widget product settings page, in the dashboard.

With instant embed, you would have the option to install a code once -- and then you could configure which widget to display in which page from the widget's product settings.

August, 2021
Major Feature: Notify
A banner/horizontal bar widget for your website

A widget that shows at the top or the bottom of any web page where it could be embeded. It will have interesting features such as background and text colors, author pictures and a rich text editor for the content to support links, various text styles and emojis.

This widget can be stacked -- which means you can create multiple of this widget and display them in various or same pages.

June, 2021
Major Feature: Search Widget
A new & never-seen before widget

A widget that integrates with an answerly knowledge base. It is simply an input field with rich text results, and auto complete as you type. It is not a fixed widget, and this means you can embed it in any area of a web page that you want.

This widget will also have searchable "actions" which will show along search results. You can create and edit inside the dashboard. An action would open a URL or execute JavaScript code.

July, 2021
Helpdesk Widget Redesign
Redesign almost all of the Helpdesk widget

A new design that is more boxy, has less whitespace and is focused around reading text more easily.

June, 2021
Live-preview settings
Better product settings in the dashboard

A new layout for the product settings separated in three areas - left, mid and right. On the left we have setting groups or sub pages. On the mid, we have a live preview of the product. And on the right, we have the settings for the selected sub page.

The product in the middle should automatically reflect on the settings as they are changed. A "Restore" button that restores the settings as they were before the user made any changes.
April, 2021
Website Redesign
Redesign almost all of Answerly's website

Get rid of the old website and create a more proof oriented design.