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A never-seen-before widget that can search through your knowledge base and execute actions that you create in the Answerly dashboard.

Install anywhere

Increase your webpage's user experience by placing the search widget in webpage hot zones such as - navbars, footers, or in the middle of other webpage content.

Simply copy the code from the Answerly dashboard and paste it inside any HTML element you want the search widget to show. The install process can't be any simpler.


We built the search widget so it can be part of your webpages and dashboards, and thus it comes with lots of ways to customize styles, colors, and many other fun options.

What you can customize:

Search Actions!

Actions are visual elements with searchable titles, subtitles, and a button. They appear inside the search results just under answers and can be used to open links or run javascript code.

You can also mark an action as "no-results-only" - which means it will only show when the search widget can't find any answers or other actions.

Adding and editing actions is a very simple process done through the action manager tool inside the Answerly dashboard!


Gather data and learn how to create a more helpful search widget by making use of the Answerly's powerful reports and analytics feature.

We support:

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