Help wherever
with Search.
Be adventurous.

Search is a widget you can install anywhere on your website.
It allows your customers to search in your knowledge base without ever leaving your website.

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answerly search example
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Personalize it.
In your own image.

answerly search personalize example
You can make the Search Widget feel like it's part of your website or dashboard.
Search Widget has many personalization features you can use that will make it feel like home when it shows up on your website.
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Edit placeholder

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Style preferneces

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Custom icons

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Edit size

Find yourself
with Color Studio.

answerly search colorstudio example
Make it light mode or dark mode.
With Color Studio, you can paint all of Search Widget however you want, so it best fits the design and colors of your company.
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Background colors

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Text colors

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Button colors

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And many more

Installs wherever
in your website.

answerly search install example
Search is a widget that you can install in any area of your website.
Unlike other widgets that have a fixed position at the corners of the screen, search is just an input field that can sit in your dashboard or website like any other element.
The widget will automatically fill horizontal space and you can set the height from the dashboard!

Go supernatural
with Actions.

answerly search actions example
Actions are buttons that can appear next to search results.
You can search for both an answer and an action if the action text content matches the search query.
Actions can either open a URL or run javascript code.

You can also create an action that only shows up if there are zero search results.

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Open URLs

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Run Code

Help better
with Reports & Data.

answerly search reports example
In the Answerly Dashboard you can see Search Widget usage data in pretty graphs.
Figure out how people are using the Search Widget so you can tune in your answers to help people even quicker.
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Searches Per Day

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Top Search Queries

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Query CTR

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Action Clicks

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