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Answerly is an AI-based chatbot solution designed to revolutionize the way you engage with your customers.

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Nice product with amazing features and great support!

I am very satisfied so far with my decision to go for the Tier5 package from Answerly. In my search for a chatbot provider, I looked at various options, from cheap to very expensive, but for this price, Answerly is unparalleled! The unique features of an iframe embed in the chat and real-time website crawling are very nice additions.

Review stars

It replaced all the others...

I switched to Answerly about 6 months ago from other providers. Pleased with Facepop, I expected great integration and options... and got it! I now use Answerly as my chat and AI version on my main site, online training LMS, and app. It’s trained with its own knowledge bases and is over 90% accurate, providing the right info in video, images, text, or PDFs. On the rare occasion it's not spot on, it's easy to update and refine the answers.

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My Experience with Answerly: Just Love it!

As an early adopter of the Answerly AI-powered live chat widget, I've been impressed with its capabilities. The platform is promising, especially with its rapid response times, crucial for customer satisfaction. The setup was straightforward, and the support team was remarkable—resolving issues in less than an hour. This efficient support enhances the overall user experience.

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Great Application and Great Team!

Bought answerly the first time around. It has only been a pleasure to work with, and there support team is unbelievably amazing. I wish I could give this 10 TACOS! For one: go check out their support forum, look at how active the users are. Then look at how all their questions are being responded to in a

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Wow Five Tacos for Sure...

Rarely would I use the word gorgeous to describe an interface, Answerly is just that. What really impressed me is the real time data collection. Answerly is going for many to be the one that got away. I stacked 5 tiers there isnt one client I know that won't jump on this. Amazing.

Review stars


After using Answerly for the past month, with some help from Fatos fixing a problem, I am thrilled with this chatbot. Other chatbots I’ve tried were not intuitive, slowed my website, were hard to train, and lacked features. After training Answerly on my website, customer reviews, and other items, it’s doing an amazing job in my sales funnel. I have zero complaints and am excited to see its impact on my business!


Personalize Your New 24/7 Team Member

Give your business a personalized AI touch by assigning a unique name and character to your assistant.
Set distinct traits tailored to reflect your brand ethos, fostering interactive and engaging conversation with your visitors.

AI assistant chatbot
AI assistant training

Train your Assistant for Accurate Responses.

Empower your AI assistant with customized knowledge about your business using our intuitive Knowledge Hub.
Simply feed the necessary information and let your chatbot learn and adapt to serve your customers better.
Unleash the potential of AI in understanding and navigating the complexities of your business.
With Answerly, training your chatbot has never been easier!


Watch it All Happen in the Conversation History

Witness all the live chats, interactions, and engagement between your AI assistant and customers in real-time.
Use this historical data to identify frequently asked questions, customer pain points, and areas of improvement.

Conversation history

facepop feature Import Knowledge Base

Fine-tune your Chatbot by easily bringin in existing content or data from your knowledge base into the Knowledge Hub..

facepop feature Import Docs/PDF

Upload and extract valuable information from your documents/PDFs and use it to train your chatbot in the Knowledge Hub.

facepop feature Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub is the AI brain where you create and manage content about your business for the chatbot to use in providing accurate responses..

facepop feature Contact Form

A functionality within the chatbot that allows customers to reach out directly to your inbox ..

facepop feature Answers with Pictures

Visions enable the chatbot to provide more engaging and interactive responses by incorporating relevant images into its answers..

facepop feature Answers with Links

Link References allow Answerly's AI assistant to incorporate relevant web links into the answers it generates for users.

facepop feature Widget Customization

Adjust the look and feel of your chatbot, including its placement, colors, width, shadow etc to seamlessly blend with your website's design..

facepop feature Assistant Customziation

Personalize the AI assistant's identity including the name and personality to enhance user interactions and build brand consistency.

facepop feature Discover Content

Analyzes your existing Knowledge Hub and generates new questions that the chatbot may struggle with, helping to enhance its knowledge.

facepop feature Link Sharing

Share access to your chatbot through a direct-link, enabling interaction with users without needing to embed it on a webpage.

facepop feature QR Code Sharing

Share a direct link to your chatbot via a scannable QR code, enabling people to interact with the chatbot without it being embedded on a webpage.

facepop feature Workspace collaboration

Create a team, invite members, and collectively manage and improve the performance of your chatbot.

facepop feature CNAME

Enhance your online presence with Answerly's CNAME feature, enabling you to personalize the domain of your Chatbot links.

facepop feature Webhooks

Take control of your widget's functionality by utilizing webhooks, enabling you to trigger custom actions based on specific events.

facepop feature Chatbot SDK

Adapt the widget to suit your unique requirements and unlock limitless possibilities by leveraging Answerly's SDK.

facepop feature Instant Embed

Quickly and effortlessly integrate one or more Answerly chatbot widget onto your website.

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