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Published @ 18/11/2023 by

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Nevrie, Co-Founder & CTO @


Introducing the Knowledge Hub V2 Update! 🎉

Hello Answerly Community,

I'm thrilled to announce the most significant update yet - a complete transformation of the Answerly experience. We've made some exciting changes that redefine how you'll interact with and utilize our platform. Let’s dive in!

A New Era: Agents and Chatbots

The classic Knowledge Hub + Chatbot framework has evolved; now, each Agent comes with its own Knowledge Hub, which you can link to a Chatbot widget. This pairing delivers a more personalized and cohesive experience for your users.

What’s New? Prepare to Be Wowed!

Get ready for a lengthy yet exciting list of enhancements:

  • Create and Train Agents: It's time to meet your new virtual team members. Tailor their personalities, equip them with knowledge, and connect them to Chatbot widgets for a seamless integration.

  • Real-Time Syncing: Wave goodbye to manual updates! Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Websites now automatically synchronize with your Agent's Knowledge Hub as you make changes in real time.

  • AI Model Diversity: Experience choice like never before with access to OpenRouter, Azure, and over 15 AI models.

  • API Documentation: We’ve got you covered with thorough instructions for every step of your integration process.

  • Reduced AI Costs: Thanks to internal optimization and embeddings, you can expect a 70% reduction in AI-related expenses.

  • Versatile Data Imports: Easily bring in Google Sheets, DOCs, and CSVs for a smooth data transition.

  • Enhanced Picture and Video Interactions: With the new Interactive Picture and Video features, your users can enjoy multimedia embedded right into their chat.

  • [Placeholder for Interactive Picture Feature] Description: A visual depiction of adding and using the Interactive Picture and Video feature in a chat.

  • First-Party Tabular Data Support: Introduce tables like Google Sheets, and the chatbot will always be up-to-date with your latest info. Imagine a real-time inventory chatbot for your online store!

  • Expanded PDF Support: Import heftier PDFs of up to 150MB with ease.

  • Customizable Messaging Styles: Agents can now converse with your preferred tone, ranging from concise to elaborate responses.

  • Reduced Apologies: Conversations now sound more natural and human by avoiding excessive apologies.

  • Natural Conversation Flow: Chatbots can send multiple messages for a more engaging and fluid chat experience.

  • Enhanced Import Processing: Enjoy near-instant data imports and background processing for larger websites, no more waiting!

  • Whitelabel API Enhancements: Generate branded invitation links for your team or clients hassle-free.

  • GPT-4 Turbo: Upgraded AI for even smarter and quicker interactions.

  • Agent Rate Limits: Manage how talkative your Agents are with daily token limits, ensuring a balanced user experience.

  • Fully Customizable Agent Personalities: Describe how you want your Agent to behave, with no dropdowns limiting your vision.

[Placeholder for Agent Customization Feature] Description: A snapshot showing how users can customize their Agent's personality.

Say Goodbye To...

  • Emergencies: This feature is on a break, but we may bring it back as a behavior option in the future.

  • Embedded Contact Forms: Don't worry, we plan on revisiting this with a focus on conversational forms.

For Existing Customers...

Your data is safe and sound, having been seamlessly migrated to the new system. However, I recommend revisiting your current data summaries; with the system improvements, a fresh import could enhance the precision and depth of your Agent's responses.

The Reason Behind the Refresh

Our mission was to create more logical connections between our key components - Knowledge Hub, Agent, & Chatbot widget - paving the path for feature expansion and intuitive design.

What's on the Horizon?

Our sights are set on crafting the most beautiful, user-friendly chat widget imaginable. This will set the stage for our next game-changer: conversational forms.

Stay tuned, and thank you for being part of this journey. Onward and upward!

For any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at

Cheers, Fatos