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Contact page is part of your knowledge base. It allows your customers
to reach out and send you messages which you can read and
respond to inside the Answerly Dashboard.

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Customers feel more confident to reach out when you personalize your contact page.
The contact page automatically takes the design of your knowledge base. But we also offer multiple personalization features that are Contact Page specific.
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Support Team Pictures

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Color Studio.

You have the option to paint the Contact Page however you want.
With Color Studio, you can paint the contact page however you want so it best fits the design and colors of your company.
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Background colors

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Text colors

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And much more

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Your New Inbox.

Our inbox client is customizable, yet minimal looking.
Answer all the queries you get from the contact page in this sleek inbox client that you can access from inside the Answerly Dashboard.
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Shared inbox

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Compact mode

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Spam filters

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Auto Responder.

Our inbox client offers an Auto Responder feature.
When customers first message you, they can be greeted with a cheerful automatic response that you can write with our editor.

The editor supports dynamic variables such as the sender's name or address and comes with a pre-written template.
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Dynamic variables

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