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A simple yet powerful knowledge base software built to let you prepare, organize, write and deliver fast on-the-spot answers for your customers.


Our powerful customization features allow yoru to create a knowledge base that extends your already established brand and company.

What you can customize:

Instant Preview

Preview all the changes that you make to the knowledge base instantly through the Instant Preview feature in the answerly dashboard.

SEO Optimized

We're constantly working to make sure your knowledge base is always in the front-line when it comes to SEO optimization.

Aside from meta tags you can set from the dashboard, our knowledge base automatically handles Structured Data ( for every page that is generated in the knowledge base, allowing search engines to render rich and engaging search results.

Structured Data we support:

Open Graph Support

Your knowledge base will look good everywhere - even when you help your customers by sharing answers to your social media accounts.

Create a seamless experience for your customers with rich and visually pleasing social media cards by editing Open Graph settings for all pages in your knowledge base.


Gather data and learn how to create a more helpful knowledge base by making use of the Answerly's powerful reports and analytics feature.

We support:

Avoid repeatable customer support processes.

Stop answering the same questions every day. Save time by writing answers in the answerly dashboard and have them be accessible and searchable in the knowledge base or the answerly widgets.

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